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Endorsements & Testimonials

Nothing speaks more about our value than Happy Clients & Partners

For the last 20 years I have witnessed Stuart move from success to success while codifying the underlying principles that were foundational in his entrepreneurial journey. 

His nuances on the innovation process and mindset build on existing principles but his introduction of luck into the success equation is revolutionary. 

Stuart has broken the formula underlying “luck” into learnable steps that anyone can employ.  Stuart has applied his genius to two of my companies and I strongly recommend him for any individual or company that wants to accelerate achievement using his proven methods and revolutionary concepts.

James Donnellly
- CEO Castle Group & Grid Systems -

Working with Stuart made a significant impact on my digital media business. I met Stuart at a critical time -- a fast growing, cash generating, and innovative segment of my company was beginning to plateau. The space had quickly become crowded, and I was struggling to identify a better way to strategize, organize, track and execute our growth trajectory. In a short time, Stuart led me down the path to reimagine how we could more effectively deliver, compete and grow revenues. He guided me from a position of digital obsolesce to a sustainable, contemporary digital growth model.

Stuart is also a joy to work with - authentic, genuine and very passionate about helping others succeed - and this is an equally important aspect about why I continue to work with him and encourage others to consider him as their strategic advisor and trusted coach. 

Jennifer Maanavi
- CEO of Physique 57 -

Stuart is a visionary and evangelist of the highest order, who is deep thinking, charismatic and a pleasure to work with.

With the ability to find opportunities in challenging markets Stuart has become a thought leader in the field of data rights, driving Trunomi forwards and laying great foundations for the business to realize commercial growth.

In so doing, Stuart helped Trunomi raise tens of millions of dollars of investment and bring together a world-class board of directors and advisors.

Shawn Brown
- CEO Trunomi -

It was an honor to have you keynote our event! I want to let you know what an impression you left on the attendees at M-Force19 Europe. As the keynote, you lived up to the expectations of the planning committee, but more importantly you exceeded the expectations of the attendees! Your presentation was rated the best of the day and what a way to kick off the event!

As I said in my opening comments, your ability to tailor your “Breaking Up Bad” presentation to the recent US Congressional Anti-Trust Inquiry into the big technology companies could not have more timely. Looking forward to having you follow-up at our New York conference!

Michael Smith
- CEO & Brand Strategist - Linx Communications

As the CEO of Hamilton Re, a member of the Hamilton Insurance Group, it has been my pleasure to know Stuart since 2014 on both a professional and personal basis.  His open book intellect and contagious passion for progress has been beneficial to me and others who know him.  Rather than shift towards the efficient frontier, Stuart is programmed to create a whole new one.  I watched him advise Hamilton and our partners Two Sigma Insurance Quantified from an early start-up stage on the future state of customer data in the insurance sector.  Stuart’s influence helped our company progress.


On a personal note, Stuart has been a supporting beam in my professional growth as a new CEO.  I witnessed Stuart transform what looks like a roadblock for many into innovative solutions, but with a clear and simple delivery, and that has provided direction and inspiration to me in my career.

Kathleen Reardon
- CEO of Hamilton Re -

I want to sincerely thank you for doing a great job with a keynote speech at our Flagship European Conference hosted here in Kyiv.

As I mentioned to you, this is the first time when a keynote presentation stands out significantly. Even though we had great speakers and the bar was set high, you definitely beat it!

We were all impressed by your professionalism and charisma and the information you shared was highly topical, very instructive and of huge value to all our attendees.

You mentioned that public speaking is your passion, so I hope you get a lot of exciting speaking opportunities on your way.

You definitely lift-up the quality of any event program!

Oksana Krutybich
- Director, Partner Relations - Miratech Group

Endorsements for the Formula For Luck

Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 12.08.54

“Not since Steven Covey wrote The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
has another author so powerfully simplified and codified an easy to
learn operating system which empowers anyone to dramatically
increase the quality and quantity of their outcomes—in this case, to
live a lucky life that leaves almost nothing to chance.” 

Salim Ismail
(Singularity University and XPrize and bestselling author of Exponential Organizations)

Verne photo.jpg

"Stuart has cracked the code. He solves the algorithm at the heart of luck, sharing stories from today’s “luckiest” leaders to create a compelling case for how luck can be learned."

Verne Harnish
(Founder Entrepreneur's Organization (EO) and bestselling author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

Jack daly photo.jpg

“Stuart solved a" puzzle I’ve wrestled with for decades: The Formula for Luck, with its well-researched 10 Principles of the Luck Mindset, shows us that we can influence the probability that luck will be an ongoing part of our life journeys.

Jack Daly
( \three time #1 Amazon bestselling author & CEO Coach)

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