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The Formula for Luck

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Want to be lucky more often? The famous saying in Silicon Valley is "Luck trumps timing, and timing trumps talent" - so in all things where a successful outcome is critical - learning the secrets to Luck is a winning hand.

First published as an article in Inc Magazine, then published with Forbes Advantage Media, and now available as a trainable curriculum, the "Formula For Luck"  invites you to learn the algorithm at the very heart of luck. This course takes you through the guiding 10 Principles at the very heart of high performance outcomes and teaches you the Luck Mindset.


Order the Formula for Luck

#GetLucky before anyone else !

Available now - order the Formula For Luck Workbook and start the process towards learning the 10 transformative principles behind significant outperformance against all peer groups. Use the exercises, summaries and easy to learn hacks to transform your personal and business trajectory.

Please click on the link below to download the Workbook and to learn more about our digital and coaching services.

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Learn the Luck Mindset

Take your Mindset to the next level

in 2007, pioneering leader Carol S Dweck published the seminal psychological guide on moving from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset. Now, almost 15 years later this key success guide has been updated and extended to the Luck Mindset. Learn how every single area of human endeavor can be further expanded upon, and where our potential is not just unlimited, but where the guiding 10 Principles from the Formula For Luck can be applied to help you generate and manifest outcomes well beyond what has been imagined before.

You also participate in our data driven Luck Assessment which will identify your strengths and opportunities for enhancing lucky outcomes, and help you manage your progress over time using the Wheel of Luck and Luck Ladder tools.

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Find out just how lucky you are

Take the Wheel of Luck Assessment

We have developed an assessment tool that enables you to benchmark your relative Luck against 1,000's of other CEOs and leaders.

In only a few minutes you can take our test that measures your relative strengths across the 10 different Principles from the Formula For Luck.

The assessment tool then interprets your answers using an algorithm and determines your personal score, plotting it in on the Wheel of Luck.

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