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Innovation as a Process

Why work with LIT ?

  • Winner of 40+ Innovation & Technology Awards

  • Published 50+ times in Forbes, Inc, NBC, etc

  • 4 Patents issued, 9 pending

  • 20+ years as an Entrepreneur & Founder

  • Raised 10's of Millions in Venture Funding

  • Grew Silicon Valley start-up to global scale

  • Specialist in LEAN and SIX SIGMA thinking

  • Trained in "Entrepreneur Operating System


LIT as an Innovation Consultancy

Use me as a fractional Chief Innovation Officer - without the overhead or mess of a full time roll

One of the greatest privileges in my life was sole founding a moonshot Silicon Valley technology start-up in 2013 - called Trunomi - and taking it to global scale over a 6 year period. 

Add to those bona-fides more than 20 years of founding and building innovative global businesses; attending Singularity University and winning coveted spots to participate in and be trained by accelerator programs including MasterCard, VISA, Plug-N-Play and Entrepreneurial Spark - I can assure you that you are in good hands :)


LIT as your Innovation Partner

All engagements are built on our core values of confidentiality, trust, integrity, respect and collaboration.

Whether you are building a new digital strategy, charting a course into uncertain waters, looking to outcompete a competitor, exploit a market niche or build out your intellectual property portfolio - bringing LIT to your table as a partner in achieving that goal is both an accelerant and a huge saver of both time and treasure.

Our clients often tell us we have "paid for ourselves many times over" - which to us is a sign of a job well done.  As a true innovation partner, and on a selective basis - we will look at non-traditional compensation models such as equity participation and performance bonds to ensure that our mutual objectives and outcomes are fully aligned. Through using efficiency tools such as SMART goals, KPI's and OKR's - we commit that our objectives are attainable, our outcomes measurable and our performance accountable. 

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