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Corporate & Capital Services

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Incorporation / Structuring / Strategies ( for Bermuda entities )

Tried and proven strategies to ensure your Bermuda entity is fit for purpose

Having founded over 9 of my own Bermuda companies, assisted 250+ others and run 2 Corporate Services providers. I have also run regulated companies in Asset/Wealth Management, Corporate Advisory, Trust, Fund Administration and Custodial Services as well as my own Hedge Fund.

The following are examples of our key service areas and network providers:

  • incorporation 

  • securing work permits

  • cap table structure

  • regulatory requirements / sufficiency

  • KYC, AML, POC, ATF compliance

  • shareholders agreements and legal support

  • local and exempted entities

  • investment fund structuring

  • segregated accounts 

  • insurance linked securities

  • crypto and ICO

  • offshore captive insurance

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Venture Capital / Funding / Advisory / Network Introduction

Let us accelerate your path to being funded smartly

Trust in LIT to get you funded: Qualifications?

  • I have run over $100M in assets for High Net Worth Private Clients

  • I have run my own hedge fund and family office

  • I have raised over $20M in Angel and Seed Capital as well as from a number of highly regarded VC's

  • I am the primary lead as Regional Chair in YPO to over 1,400 CEO's in the Eastern US

  • I am connected to over 7,000 proprietary qualified investors through the YPO Deal Network

In addition, we can advise you on:

  • Structuring your cap table, valuations and tactics for raising capital

  • effective use of convertible notes, SAFE's, debt and leverage

  • Advisory on Employee Incentive Plans and Compensation Structures

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