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Get to know me

On my home page there is a high level summary which gives you the "need to know" whereas here, I want to spend a bit of time with you so can can find out what you really "want to know".

my accent = my diverse background

OK - those of you that have heard me or met me know that I am always asked  "what is your accent" ???

Well, the reality is that I am a mutt / a blend of:

  • British (by heritage & Scottish if you go waaay back)

  • South African (born and left at age 7)

  • Canadian (10 years in Toronto + 6 years in Montreal)

  • Bermudian (last 21 years in Bermuda)

  • Having travelled to 76 countries (my goal is 150)

If asked, my heritage is British, but my homeland is Africa, my heart is in Bermuda, and yet my soul is diverse, open and full of wanderlust.

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 8.36.55 PM.png

I am an "ENTJ/P" and a "Champion"

For those of you who know the Myers-Briggs Indicator - you will see why I am so well aligned for this role in life. While my preferences are strong for E,N and T - I am constantly on the median of J and P - which suits me well being part Visionary and part Commander. In achieving J-P balance over the past 10 years, I have practiced active listening, empathy and patience - as areas for focus in my own leadership journey.

As a Caliper "Champion" I am a divergent thinker (creative and strategic) and a people person (effective communicator, passionate and strong social inclination). 

Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 8.50.27 PM.png

if you knew me well, you would know:

This is a great game to play with leadership teams, both new and established as a conversation starter. It gives a chance to not only know eachother better, but offers insightful, authentic and often vulnerable facts about eachother that deepen trust and connectivity.

So, if you knew me really well, you would know that:

  • I spent 7 years chasing the Olympic dream 

  • I handle jet-lag well, but find flights very lonely

  • I trained as a freediver w/ a 4 minute breath-hold

  • I have been trying keto for 6 months and love it 

  • I live on a beach but vacation on a mountain

  • I want to be better at yoga and mindfulness

  • My YPO journey has been my most foundational

  • I am in awe at the scale of our universe & stupidity
  • I miss playing my guitar - a gift from Bobby (RIP)

Bobby B.jpg

play the "Either - Or" game with me

Another great game for getting to know eachother. Have everyone stand in the middle of a large room, and they have to walk to one side if they agree with answer 1, or the other if answer 2. Select your questions wisely and its fun, insightful and builds touch points and bonds. 

See how you compare to me: (mine are underlined):

   Sunrise      or      Sunset

   Movies       or      TV Series

   Sweet        or      Savory

   Dance        or      Sing

   Still            or      Fizzy

   RealBook   or      Audiobook

   NightOwl    or     EarlyBird

   Runner       or      Swimmer

   Skier           or      SnowBoarder

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