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Thought Leadership as a Mindset

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Invite me to take Your Stage

I love working with audiences to remove barriers and inspire action to achieve amazing outcomes

As a world-class professional speaker, including having taken the TEDx stage, I speak on average 25-30 times per year from smaller intimate event settings to large 10,000+ person size auditoriums.

The following are examples of main themes:

  • engaging and working with millennials

  • developing a culture of diversity and inclusivity

  • inspiring leadership, improving sales and building HR conversion and retention through the Power of WHY

  • The secrets to "Level 10 Meetings"

  • Pitch Perfect - on stage and in decks

  • the easy way to raise capital & build your network

I invite you to use the link below to book me if you would like me to work with your organization, speak to your members, teams of executives or board members about the skills and methods of being modern leaders.  

Oh - and be ready for lots of tweetables, hacks and short-cuts as it has to be easy to remember and do !

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Work with me as your Performance Coach

Learn skills and secrets to develop your craft and win the hearts and minds of those around you:

This service is a favorite among many of my clients, as it is often times the most rewarding for both them and myself. As your private coach, my job is to work with you (or small teams of executives / leaders) to unlock and employ the following principles and methods 

  • evolve from a Fixed to a Growth Mindset

  • inspire action by connecting the power of "WHY"

  • be a storyteller like Steve Jobs

  • get on and conquer any stage (including TEDx)

  • be more authentic, compelling and relevant

  • inspire others through the power of service

  • "impact the lives of billions" via your MTP

  • harness the power of the Formula For Luck

Conducted in as an in person workshop format, and as well supported by remote virtual coaching - any custom set of sessions can be agreed that are tailored to your specific needs. Inquire now to schedule a session.

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